Accommodation of individuals

You're on the road somewhere far away and need to relax? Would you like to create relax for regeneration?

Accomodation for couples

Would you like to make your partner a romantic surprise? Would you like to celebrate Valentine's day? Would you like to make a recreational weeked? Propose to your partner?

Accomodation for groups

Are you a group that would like to go to mountains and make a relaxing weekend, or week? There is an option for anything at us.
Are you pensioners, that want youth and show that you are better than youngers?
Are you a group with same interest and you would like to make a meeting with your activities?
Are you a company that would like to come with your family and spend time together?
If you'll send us your requirements, we can arrange you a musical evening with DJ, we can make you a program, teach you how to dance, take care of your children so you could fully concentrate on fun.